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About Us

We’re a social enterprise on a mission to improve women’s lives. Our subscriptions help fund specialist programs – delivered for free – to women in need of our support.  

Why Join Us?

.We are on a mission and we can't do it without YOU! 

We created her.platform to bring together people who want to have *real* conversations. You know the ones that inspire, challenge and educate you. We want to talk about life, death, sex, equality, what keeps you awake at night, what makes you dream, the lies you tell yourself, the fears you keep hidden, the goals that are just too big to verbalise.


Join our sisterhood today and you receive access to our online education tools, including masterclasses and ebooks, our fempowered mmunity PLUS discounts on our events. 

Why We Do This.

her.platform was created to support  The Centre For Women & Co. which has empowered over 150,000 women to overcome life challenges, develop an empowered mindset and create meaningful connections within a caring community.

From domestic and family violence support, mental health and holistic wellbeing, employment preparation and financial literacy: our specialist programs help women of all ages to overcome personal crises and interrupt long-term welfare support.

What Can You Expect?

No topic is too big or too small. From self care to self harm, from depression to gratitude, from eating disorders to self love, from loneliness to connection. This is a community to share snippets of our lives so we can all learn, adapt and evolve.

Find Your Tribe. You know that feeling when you let someone see your little quirks and they don't just tolerate it - they gleefully shout 'ME TOO!' That's what we are about. Bringing together women who are ready to cherish diversity and connect through our similarities. Who want to lift others up, speak their truths and celebrate each other our successes and challenges. 

Grow. As we learn about each other, we learn about ourselves. We want to share our expertise so we can all grow together. At her.platform, we truly believe that we all are STRONGER TOGETHER.

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